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Senior Fellow in Education for Sustainability


Harold Glasser, associate professor, (Ph.D., University of California, Davis) works at the nexus where environmental science, policy, philosophy, values, business, design, economics, history, and education meet. He holds degrees in physics, energy systems design (mechanical engineering), and environmental engineering. He was a visiting Senior Fulbright scholar at the Center for Development and Environment, University of Oslo, in 1996, a lecturer at Schumacher College in 1995, and a visiting researcher at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Vienna, in 1992. His research focuses on the evaluation of complex environmental problems and the process of making individual and social choices about using and protecting the environment (past, present, and future). A primary interest is the development of methods for evaluating policies, projects, and product designs, under conditions where limited information, risk, conflict, lack of scientific consensus, and multiple and incommensurable evaluation criteria predominate. Glasser's approach to improving decision-making emphasizes integrating quantitative considerations with qualitative, value-based considerations. He employs a variety of strategies to use this multicriteria data to transparently highlight and visualize the trade-offs amongst alternative choices. His goal is to use this methodology to assist schools, communities, organizations, and businesses in their efforts to promote ecological and cultural sustainability.

Most recently, he has begun to apply his theoretical approach to evaluate and design everyday products that are highly energy efficient, ecologically sound, cost-effective, and viewed as extremely desirable by consumers. He also is designing a 12kW research/education PV array and leads an innovative, project-based learning initiative to develop renewable energy curriculum for K-12 students in Michigan (both projects are externally funded). Glasser also works with the Foundation for Deep Ecology, where, as general editor of the Selected Works of Arne Naess, he has been responsible for revising and editing the bulk of an eleven-volume collection of Naess's works, which are due out in 2004 (Kluwer Academic Press). In addition, he is Director of the Campus Sustainability Assessment Project (www.csap.envs.wmich.edu), a member of the EPA Colleges and Universities Sector Assessment Working Group, a member of the Economicology Group, Chair of Western Michigan University's newly created Environmental Impact/Sustainability Committee, and a founding member of the WMU Campus Sustainable Design Committee. Glasser has written on environmental policy, environmental economics, planning, multicriteria analysis, green accounting, deep ecology, education for ecocultural sustainability, campus sustainability assessment, and environmental values.

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