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Sustainability Degree Programs: Education


Graduate Programs

INSTITUTION: Antioch University New England
DEGREE OFFERED: Educating for Sustainability (M.Ed.) (Summer 2007)
DESCRIPTION: This is a summer-sequence low-residency program for experienced educators, which enables them to continue to work in their schools while completing the M.Ed. program over two years. We will enroll our first class in summer 2007. Experienced independent and public school educators from across the country will spend three weeks each of two summers at Antioch in Keene, NH, and do online course work and practica during the school year. The Educating for Sustainability concentration is for any K-12 educator--any grade, any subject area. Please share this information with anyone who might be interested in this new program. Perhaps you're a part of a network and/or listserv of campus sustainability coordinators and they would like to know about this M.Ed. in Educating for Sustainability.
WEBSITE: http://www.antiochne.edu/ed/exed/ss_edforsustainability.cfm
CONTACT: bleslie@nmhschool.org

INSTITUTION: Beijing Normal University School of Geography
DEGREE OFFERED: Education for Sustainable Development
DESCRIPTION: ESD seeks to improve access to quality basic education,
Reorient existing education programmes to address sustainable developmen, develop public understanding and awareness on sustainable development, and
provide training programs for all sectors of private and civil society.
WEBSITE: http://web.me.com/starnasia/RCE-Beijing/About_Us/Entries/2010/5/28_What_is_ESD.html
CONTACT: rcebeijing@gmail.com

INSTITUTION: Goddard College
DEGREE OFFERED: Master of Arts in Socially Responsible Business and Sustainable Communities
DESCRIPTION: This Master of Arts is a four semester, 48-credit interdisciplinary graduate degree that is expressly designed for impassioned people who are interested in working toward the creation of a more just, humane, democratic, and sustainable world. It offers three Areas of Focused Study:

Socially Responsible Business; Social Entrepreneurship; and Sustainable Communities.

Socially Responsible Business regards people, principles, profits, and the planet as inextricably interconnected. SRB uses the power of business to create positive social change through the creation of values-driven, profitable and sustainable businesses. Socially responsible businesses utilize business, management, and ethical leadership practices that seek to create respectful, fair, and positive impacts for employees, stockholders, the community, and the planet. Socially responsible businesses balance multiple bottom lines such as profitability, quality of life for people, and environmental impact. The fundamental guiding principle of a socially responsible business is that business can do well by doing good.

Social Entrepreneurship is driven by a social mission. The explicit and central objective is to create positive and sustainable social change in the social sector by creating new models (not-for-profit, for-profit, or hybrids) that address entrenched social problems at their root. The criterion for successful social entrepreneurship is mission-related social impact rather than wealth creation as an end in itself.

Sustainable Community Development focuses on local community and economic development that is grounded in principles of sustainability. SCD supports the preservation of local character and/or improvement of the quality of community life by helping community members work together to create and implement their vision for a vibrant community, healthy environment, robust economy, good governance, and a sense of deep connection to their neighbors and world. Sustainable community development fosters democratic values, social and economic justice, environmental integrity, and respect and care for the community of life.
WEBSITE: http://www.goddard.edu/academic/MA-SRBSC.html
CONTACT: Ann Driscoll, Program Director, ann.driscoll@goddard.edu

INSTITUTION: International Institute for Humane Education and Cambridge College
DEGREE OFFERED: Humane Education (M.Ed.)
DESCRIPTION: This program combines distance learning coursework, a practicum, independent learning project, and on-site training in humane education. Students learn to teach about "environmental preservation, animal protection, human rights, consumerism, culture and globalization." A certificate program and workshops are also available.
WEBSITE: http://www.iihed.org/index.html
CONTACT: P.O. Box 260
Surry, ME 04684
Phone: (207) 667-1025

INSTITUTION: London South Bank University
DEGREE OFFERED: Environmental and Development Education (M.Sc.)
DESCRIPTION: "The [Education for Sustainability] programme is unique in exploring both environmental education and development education in the context of education for sustainability. It has been recognised internationally for its contribution to the field and has welcomed a rich diversity of students from many different regions and disciplines." It is available in a full-time or part-time distance learning format. A "fast-track" option is available to complete the M.Sc. degree in 1 year. Students can choose the units they would like to study with unit 1 (Introduction to Environmental Education and Development Education) in any order. There are options for a University Certificate, Postgraduate Certificate, and a Postgraduate Diploma in addition to the Masters of Science degree that is offered. Students also have the opportunity to go on a work experience placement when studying.
WEBSITE: http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/efs/
CONTACT: London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA
Phone: +44 (0)20 7815 7869
Fax: +44 (0)20 7815 7899

INSTITUTION: Portland State University, The Portland International Initiative for Leadership in Ecology, Culture and Learning (PIIECL)
DEGREE OFFERED: Leadership in Ecology, Culture, and Learning (LECL) (M.A. or
M.S.); Educational Leadership with an emphasis in sustainability education (Ed.D.)
DESCRIPTION: Both degree programs are designed to allow students to
develop and practice sustainability education. They define
sustainability education as "an active process of teaching and learning in which we cultivate knowledge, skills, feelings, values, and worldviews adhering to the principles of ecology and we redesign our livelihoods (social, economic, political and educational systems) accordingly." They are designed for educators and educational leaders involved in multicultural, ecological, and/or social justice work. The Ed.D. program is stated to still be in development as an advancement of the masters degree (although students can come from many backgrounds.)
WEBSITE: http://www.piiecl.pdx.edu/pages/graduate_studies/index.htm
CONTACT: Portland International Initiative for Leadership in
Ecology, Culture, and Learning (PIIECL)
Portland State University
Graduate School of Education
P.O. Box 751 ED
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Phone: (503) 725-4684
Fax: (503) 725-3200

INSTITUTION: Prescott College, Arizona, PhD Program
DEGREE OFFERED: Education with a Concentration in Sustainability Education (PhD)
DESCRIPTION: "Beginning this fall (2005), Prescott College will offer a Doctor of Philosophy in education, with a focus in sustainability education. The new Ph.D. program, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association, enlarges the College's mission to educate students of diverse ages and backgrounds to understand, thrive in, and enhance the world community and the environment."
WEBSITE: http://prescott.edu/academics/phd/index.html
CONTACT: Prescott College
220 Grove Avenue
Prescott, AZ 86301
Phone: (877) 350-2100

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